Sunday 3 May 2015



Canada is offered here as a primary example of opportunity for the global community to rationalize in an affordable way those extremes that are now confronting general civilization as we more clearly comprehend the impending crisis of climate, population growth and Earth's limited natural resources capacities. And, in this manner, MTC - with more than 50 years of background on these social contract issues - has assembled in 1990 the SVS-IHHI Templates as a rationalized mechanism for meeting head on the unfolding natural and human caused extreme climate change issues. Certainly, we are now captured by the Tipping Point. But, global co-operation between industry, government and the general populace can still harvest a prosperous future for the majority - rather, than for the historical minority. The SVS-IHHI is the future venue for energy development, adequate care and nurturing of the general population; and, in particular, the field of choice for intellectual innovations. And, we say this through those 50 years that has entered into counsel with those Elders who have brought forward more than 30,000 years of survival and stewardship knowledge.

Medical Tourism Central [MTC] provides guidance to the global resources for (A) health care, (B) medical research and development and, Disease Control. MTC creates the venues for public and private capital sources to organize into investment syndicates that will build and operate independent facilities called SVS-IHHI : Survival Village Systems - International Holistic Healing Institutes. MTC blends the fundamental CDC template with the historical OISSP to provide the For-Profit Humanitarian SVS-IHHI as the viable response to the unfolding extreme climate changes that will spawn overwhelming global population and social contract devastation.

MTC endorses mankind's fundamental resources stewardship responsibilities [FRSR]; namely, we recognize the three primary envelopes of extreme climate changes that are occurring here on Earth : (A) the natural, cyclical extremes that historically spawn extreme climate changes on Earth; (B) the cosmological events such as comet or meteorite impacts that devastated the dinosaur era; and, (C) the mankind impacts caused by population events such as crop harvesting of animals and biomass - and, the resultant pollution; technological commercial developments such as exploitation of of natural resources for products that provide goods and services - including the energy and pharmaceutical industries.

Hence, MTC seeks through these 30,000 population SVS-IHHI to provide habitats that will not further impact upon existing population centres; rather, are sited in the more rural areas; where natural, sustainable green energy resources are located (in situ); and, where the SVS-IHHI Tripartite Trigeneration Project [TTP(c)] nucleus  prospers as an independent city of sustainability, focused upon the evolution of new products and services within the green stewardship model.